About us

Currie Playgroup is a registered charity, and a member of Early Years Scotland (with whom it is fully insured). Playgroup has Partner Provider status (with the City of Edinburgh Council) and follows the pre-school curriculum. It is a non-profit making organisation and relies on fees and fund-raising events to supplement the Council grant in order to meet its running costs. Playgroup is managed by a parent led committee and involvement in the running of playgroup and fund-raising is strongly encouraged.

Our Aim;

To provide a nurturing, fun filled, safe and stimulating environment which enhances every child's potential to successfully engage and achieve in a meaningful way.


Our staff have a wealth of experience with children. They are:

  • Hazel Fortune, Manager

  • Rachel Symington, Business Manager

  • Carla Emery, Deputy Manager

  • Fiona Brien, Play Assistant

  • Gary Potter, Play Assistant

  • Emily Buma, Play Assistant


The themes and activities at playgroup are carefully chosen to promote learning through play. We follow two curricula: Realising the Ambition and the Curriculum for Excellence for 3 -18 year olds.

Realising the ambition is the brand new curriculum framework released by Education Scotland. We are really excited about using this new framework as it encompasses every child as an individual and supports a broad range of ability and skill. Our aim is to help ALL children to feel safe and secure while in playgroup so that they have the best foundations possible, to learn new skills such as sharing, making friends, coping with new rules and routines and understanding what is acceptable and what is not. They are offered many learning opportunities with a wealth of resources and come to playgroup to play and learn without even realising it.

The Curriculum for Excellence has eight curriculum areas. These are literacy, numeracy, health and well being, science, expressive arts, religious and moral education, social studies and technologies. Some of these stand alone and others cross over more than one area. The Early Years level of the curriculum covers the children’s education to the end of Primary 1 so there are many objectives that they start to learn at Playgroup, continue to learn at Nursery and then master in Primary 1.

All documents are available in full if you would like to see them or you can visit the following websites:

Daily structure

Children are welcome to participate in daily free flow play and can choose between our indoor playroom or outdoor gardens. We operate a rolling snack from 9.30-10.15am and encourage children to come when they wish, so as not to disrupt their play. We encourage the children to participate in learning to care for themselves through activities such as hand washing and teeth brushing and we support child independence and participation through the likes of self registration and self service during snack. We work from both curriculums in the morning to ensure inclusion and equality.

At 11.30am we have a quick tidy up, where all children are encouraged to join in and then end with singing and a story before our morning children are collected at 12 noon. Full time children who attend as part of the Scottish Governments Early Learning and Childcare expansion, stay for lunch where we offer a high quality, healthy and balanced meal prepared in house. After lunch we follow a similar structure to the morning but learning opportunities are aimed for children aged between 3-5 years old, with reference to the Curriculum for Excellence. We enjoy local walks and adventures (play park and shop visits), and visit the Dementia Cafe every month with small groups of children.

All learning experiences are carefully planned to support learning and responsive planning ensures that we follow the child's lead and offer meaningful play opportunities. We have recently purchased a full range of new resources for the children to use and there is daily access to a variety of toys, play dough, digital technologies and energetic physical play. There is a well-stocked book corner for a story and children are invited to choose their own and rotate stock on our book shelf.

At Christmas, and at the end of the summer term, playgroup holds a party for all the children attending playgroup, even if it is on a day that your child does not normally attend.

Outings are offered each term to all children even if it is not a day that they attend. We also invite visitors to come and tell us about their special work.

Staff are willing and enthusiastic to cater for each individual child, and children are supported to play a vital role in leading their own learning.