The charge for Playgroup is £15 per child, Monday to Thursday 9.00am-12noon and £12.50 per child, Friday 9am-11.30am. Our hourly rate will be set to £5 per hour from August 2021.

Playgroup is a Partner Provider with the City of Edinburgh Council, which enables us to offer 600 hours of funded places to all children in the term after their third birthday for up to 5 morning sessions per child per week.

We are also pleased to confirm we continue to offer full day funded places for eligible children as part of 1140; Expansion to Early Learning and Childcare in Scotland. This offers fully funded places for Monday to Thursday 9am-3pm and Friday 9am-11.30am.

Please make enquiries for funded placements to info@currieplaygroup.co.uk

Please note that we no longer offer a wraparound service.