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Your Playgroup Needs You!

Welcome to Currie Playgroup from the Committee.

Currie Playgroup is a charity set up to run high quality affordable childcare for the children in our community. We have been operating for over 40 years and are delighted to have welcomed the children of early playgroup attendees back into the Currie Playgroup family.

We are very much a family and your children are at the heart of all we do. Many of the staff’s children have also attended Playgroup and they all take great pride in supporting our children as they play, learn and grow.

In order to operate as a charity and continue to fulfil our requirements with the Care Inspectorate, Playgroup must have a Management Committee which is made up of parents. The Committee must contain a minimum of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer to be compliant with regulations but it is not limited to 3 members and ideally we would have at least 5 official committee members at any time, along with additional casual attendees, to help keep Playgroup running smoothly.

Please be clear, these committee roles cannot be fulfilled by staff. The Committee must be made up of parents/carers of children attending playgroup and, in order to be compliant with regulations, a bare minimum of 3 parents/carers are required. The more people we have involved the better for best supporting Playgroup.

Committee meetings take place once a month during term time and last for 1-1.5 hours. They discuss playgroup finances and approve any requests the staff may have for additional purchases such as new equipment. They also provide support to the staff in planning end of term parties, gifts for the children and when any queries may have been raised. The committee also help with fundraising and coordinating events such as (but not limited to!) raffles, Halloween parties and the Teddy Toddle.

This support is invaluable to the staff and also supports the Curriculum for Excellence goals of engaging parents in their children’s learning experiences. It also is a great way to meet other families and make friendships and connections within our community that last well beyond the Playgroup years.

We understand that everyone has an array of commitments and it can be hard to sign up to more. However, if Playgroup committee numbers fall below 3 then this would trigger investigation by the Care Inspectorate. Investigation could lead to additional inspections, placing additional responsibilities on our staff team and, no matter how high quality the care, concerns would be raised around the management responsibilities of Playgroup. The bottom line is, without the minimum committee membership, Playgroup would have to close.

We are asking for 15 hours of your time over the year for meetings. These are currently taking place on Zoom but could move back to in person when restrictions allow depending on what best suits members.

In signing up your child to Playgroup, it is expected that you will support the work of committee by either taking on a role, being a casual member or by volunteering to help with various additional tasks as required. This could be wrapping gifts for the children at the end of term, assisting with fundraising events or even doing a run to the dump. A few hours of your time each year is invaluable to Playgroup.

Please join us to help keep Currie Playgroup going for many more years so many more families can enjoy the benefit of high quality, affordable childcare that you have.

Committee Meetings

Please send an email of interest to receive joining instructions.

Learning Journal

We are excited to announce we have introduced E-Learning journals as part of our efforts to communicate and involve parents, carers and families.

For families already registered with Currie Playgroup E-Learning, please follow the link below to the Learning journal homepage where you can enter your personal log in details.

Learning Journals

Fundraising Events

Teddy Toddle June 2021 coming soon

Parents Evening


We have a private Parents Facebook page which provides a great source of communication and information. If you wish to join please contact us.

Once you have been invited to the group you can find the page by clicking the button below.